Customized services of Liberty

Created by Christophe SARRY in 2005, LEM has from the outset sought very specific means of production so to propose a first set of quality vehicles at reasonable costs. This dynamic pushed the founder of Liberty to travel to find the best prospects in terms both of hardware and collaboration. Produced by a Franco-Chinese chain of production, Liberty carts quickly became a reference with major brands such as Centre Parks or Odalys. But behind the classic golf cart, the design team has always known how to push the existing limits to meet the most specific demands.

Thanks to their quality, LEM electric carts were able to establish themselves with several chains both in France and throughout Europe. The first important partner of Liberty Electric Motion was APROLIS, a company specialising in the sale and rental of equipment for handling and transport. This meant colossal visibility for LEM products because APROLIS has no less than 45 branches throughout the territory.

More recently, Must Golf Car joined its partners, LEM, extending the implementation of the brand on the French Riviera.

LEM electric cars are now present in two new countries:

  • in Spain through Ecar Spain
  • in the Netherlands, through Funcycle Nijland

Must Golf Cars

18 Rue Vol de Nuit
– ZAC Saint Exupéry
Tel : 06 11 78 56 69

Ecar Spain

Calle Narciso Monturiol.21
11630 Arcos de la Frontera
Tel : +34 956 72 31 65

Nijland Funcycles

Dorpsstraat 69, 8111 AC Heeten
Telgenweg 9, 8111 CM Heeten
Telelefoon: (+31) (0) 572 381171
Mobiel: (+31) (0) 6 5335 81 04